Go lessons index

by Sorin Gherman

These are mostly lessons I learned from my own games - for instance when I had an "Aha!" while a professional Go player would review my game.

23. New joseki

22. Teaching game with Kato Masao

22. Learning from professional games (1)

21. Look for double threats

20. Fighting techniques - kikashi

19. "Do you think this exchange is good for you?"

18. Beyond joseki

17. The art of sacrifice (1)

16. Kosumi-Tsuke: Use and Abuse

15. Kobayashi fuseki approach "rule of thumb"

14. Direction of play... and bad habits (2)

13. Yose tesuji

12. Use thickness to attack

11. Find the opponent's weakest spot, and hit it hard

10. Forcing moves, and an eye for an eye

9. Expand or invade?

8. Don't Over-Simplify

7. A Time to Expand, and a Time to Defend

6. Give a little to gain a lot

5. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure

4. Professional, unprofessional, and fundamentals

3. Direction of Play... and Bad Habits (1)

2. Sometimes It's Better Not to Know Joseki

1. How to Estimate a Position by Changing the Order of Moves (Tewari)