Commented Go Games From the Insei League

I am posting here recorded Go games ("kifu" in Japanese) which I played in Japan as an insei. Some of them are teaching games I played against professionals, a few are informal, training games played with other inseis, but most are the official games I played in the insei league. (You can read about my experience as an insei.)

Warning: the game comments (either by professionals or top inseis) are very short, pretty different from what you see in Go magazines. Professionals don't spend time to correct all of insei's wrong moves, they concentrate the analysis on just a few important points in the game (sometimes just 2 or so). They commentary ends when you make a very big mistake and the game is compromised. You may also be disappointed if you want to find complete games: most of them are recorded until the result is quite clear, some have only been partially recorded, only the fuseki or so, what's important here is the pro commentary).

On the other hand, I already started to turn some of my commented games information into detailed articles - so you have one more way to learn from them.

I hope studying these game commentaries will help you get stronger. You can also just replay some of the games for fun, to get an idea about how inseis play Go.

Commented Go games (non-insei)

Here are all other commented Go games of mine. These are games I played during the World Amateur Go Championship, European Go Congress, US Go Congress and Grand Prix tournaments, all commented by professional Go players.